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"Let me tell you something - I always win
against the patriarchal male."
My name is Mikaela and I'm almost 21.
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I’m tired and I’m feeling pretty honest, so let’s make a list of the ways that I suck:
I forget to brush my teeth and I’m snappy when I’m stressed. I never let you speak and I’m too focused on how I’m dressed. I kiss him much too often and I kiss him on the phone. I forget to do my homework and I cry when I’m alone. I don’t eat to feel my hipbones and I don’t eat because I’m broke. I’ve spent way too much on weed, but fuck, I need a toke. My hits last way too long because I like when I can’t speak - I have nothing to contribute and I have nothing that you seek. I give in to all my vices, all my pleasures, all my sins. I keep myself from playing because I can’t stand when I don’t win. I use sex as a tool and I end up getting hurt because I refuse to learn my lesson and so the teaching just gets worse.


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